Schizophrenia during Adolescence

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November 24, 2021, 4:00:00 PM


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Section 3: The Development of Schizophrenia during Adolescence:

For the Secret Life of the Brain video, and ONLY focusing on the half of the video that deals with schizophrenia and not the half that focuses on addiction, answer the following in about 400 words but no more than 700. This question will really tap your critical thinking skills as you need to synthesize information that is presented in the first half of this video about schizophrenia. Here are the sections to address:

Provide an introduction that summarizes key points the video makes about the disorder. Include a discussion of the types of symptoms experienced, define key terms associated with the disorder, and any statistics. Include an in-text citation here.

Discuss 3 suspected causes and/or risk factors for someone developing this disease; these are provided throughout the video so I am looking that you give 3 different explanations. Pay particular attention to, and discuss at least one way the brain is different in those afflicted with the disorder.

Discuss the treatment options and other pertinent information about taking these medications.

Here is the video that pertains to the questions.


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