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A grid of common points is tool that allows a writer to group source material into specific categories. These categories can help the writer organize the paper. There are two examples in the module, so refer to them as you plan your own. There is also an example (as well as instructions) on pp. 1-2 of this reading for the week:

To create a grid follow these steps:

As you read your source material, take note of words or ideas that repeat themselves.
As you read your source material, also make note of conflicts or contradictions in the information. (i.e. what seem to be central debates experts have about this topic?)
Make a list of the key ways the research answers your research question. Make sure your answers account for both the contradictions and repetitions you discovered. Turn these answers into “categories.” (note: if you are finding there is no connection between the sources you're reviewing and your research question - which you hopefully aren't after doing your annotated bibliography - you may need to rethink either the source or your question)
Create a grid using authors’ names and categories as organizing features.
Fill in the grid with details from source material. This should only be key words, not full sentences or paragraphs - just enough words to make the point recognizable.
TIP: Try to create at least three (3) categories or more that represent concerns that get repeated again and again in the source material you've discovered so far. Refer to at least three 4-5 of these sources, including brief direct quotes and or paraphrases from each source.

TIP 2: If you don't know how to make a table in Word, Google it. It's relatively easy to do.

Here are some examples of the assignment:

*example attached


  • Follow Grid example format

  • 2 pages

*Additional resources will be sent upon selection of this job

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