Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your purchase on or before the due date you have chosen when you
made your order.

How much does each service cost?

Cost for each service is given at the time of booking. If additional costs are accrued, we
will let you know and wait for your approval before continuing with your order.

How can I contact the support team?

If you have questions or concerns about our product services, please contact

How can I become a Busy Bee?

We use a rigorous selection and training process when hiring new writers. We ensure our customers receive high quality academic products. If interested in becoming a writer for DapperBee please send your resume to

Who do you write for?

We write primarily for university level students, this includes pursuing high-level degrees. We also write for business professionals and job seekers.

Can I request a refund?

  • Client may cancel an order at any time between the time the order is placed and the Deadline Date.
  • Client will receive a refund of 75% if they cancel prior to 48 hours of their selected Deadline Date.
  • Client may not receive a refund, in any amount, if they cancel within 48 hours of their selected Deadline Date.
  • Clients who purchase a service with a 48-24 hour urgency rate may not receive a refund.

Once a Client has received their Assignment (at any time), including prior to their selected Deadline Date they may not receive a refund. Sale is final. The Assignment and its entirety shall belong to the Client.

Can someone steal my information?

DapperBee guarantees that both your personal and financial information is safe and confidential. In addition, we do not provide this information to any third parties.

How do you guarantee against plagiarism?

We use a plagiarism scanner to check all documents for complete originality. We also ensure that our staff is educated on the rules regarding quoting and citing sources.

Can I request revisions?

Once you have received your final order, sale is final and we will not offer revsions. If you have more information you would like your writer to know before you have received your final order please contact

Our Guarantee

DapperBee is committed to providing all of our clients with high-quality work from highly-qualified writers. All of our writers are experts in their field, and have passed a rigourous writing process to be a part of our Busy Bee writing team. Documents provided by DapperBee are non-gauranteed: we do not gaurentee specific grades on assignments/essays, job acceptances, or any approvals associated with the writing in question. Therefor, we ask that you are specific when you make your order, and provide the writer with as many details as possible.

If you choose to have a document revised/edited, we will scan your writing for you and inform you of how much of the writing populates as plagiarized. For a Rewriting Fee*, we can eliminate any plagiarism in your work you have already written or leave your work as-is. 
*Rewriting fees are subject to the amount of revision your work needs to eliminate plagiarism.